Bathrooms We Love

We have had quite a few bathroom remodels this year so it is fair to assume that our Bathroom Pinterest board has a large variety of inspirational photos for us to drool about. 

Take a look at some of the most recent noteworthy bathroom ideas:

1. This bathroom made our list because it is simple yet dramatic. The natural wood planks brings just enough warmth to this otherwise austere bathroom.  

2. There is no denying that we are big fans of cement tiles here at Stripe which is the reason why this bathroom caught our attention. The bold color combination paired with copper fixtures makes us dare to be a little more fearless when designing bathrooms. 

3. Another simple and beautiful design. The cement walls are a perfect alternative to tiles in wet areas ultimately making this room feel like a spa. 

4. Between the white herringbone wall tile, hexagonal floors and brass fixtures, this bathroom takes the cake for being the most trendy on our list. 

5. This room reminds us of a beautifully crisp adobe home. Hand crafted and perfectly imperfect. 

6. Bold patterns are subdued by a limited color palette making this bathroom feel visually three dimensional. 

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