Before and After: Downtown Victorian

Living Room

Before: For our client’s living room, the goal was to update and modernize the space, while maintaining the charm of the original architectural elements. The client also wanted a way to improve the functionality of her living area, as there was a seldom used door and nook that needed attention to unify the space. The fireplace was in need of a facelift, and protruded into the room, creating cramped space. 

After: The Living room entered the modern age with a healthy dose of lovely teal paint. Adding built-in bookcases, changing out the fireplace to a streamlined model, and de-emphasizing the door with curtains allowed an organic layout to take shape in the room. Brass accents and a colorful rug made the space warm and inviting, with a modern touch.

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Dining Room

Before: The dining area had great potential, just look at those coffered ceilings and incredible wainscoting! However, it felt cramped and dark because the alcove wasn’t being used to its full potential. The color wasn’t helping either, it needed a refresh to become the inviting space it was always meant to be.

After: We designed a custom built – in dining bench, which instantly made the space feel more expansive. It also allowed our client to use a gorgeous vintage table they already owned that brought the whole room together. The deep grey tone plays well off the teal in the living room, while molded plastic chairs and a bright rug bring an updated and eclectic feeling to the space.


Before: The kitchen underwent the biggest transformation. Kitchens in Victorian homes tend to be small and this one was no exception. It was in need of an overhaul to make the space lighter, brighter and streamlined for our client.

After: With the new layout, we were able to give our client another seating area and more storage in the kitchen. The shaker style cabinets are the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary and don’t feel out of place in the home. A soft color palette of white and greige brightened the space, adding visual volume to the kitchen. In addition, a balance was created by using modern bronze hardware and traditional elements, like the farm sink. Brass mid century lighting fixtures echo the hardware found in the living room, harmonizing the new remodel across the three spaces. This is a make over that will serve the home well for years to come. 

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