Bonny Doon Tasting Room. Davenport, CA

Beloved local wine makers, Bonny Doon Vineyard, decided to relocate their tasting room to Davenport in 2013.  Previously a gallery, Stripe was given a lovely empty, light space to work with, along with with a set of mandates: make the tasting room inviting and authentic with a twist of the Bonny Doon signature other worldliness.  The team wanted to avoid direct nautical styling, yet reference the coastal location so the bar is constructed with ocean worn crab trap wood which washed up on the shore in San Diego after the tsunami earlier that year.  A zinc bar top was hand etched with the rather impressive timeline history of the vineyard and their iconic zeppelin is punched into the bar with hundreds of tiny punctures.  The walls are decorated with 100 resin fish which are 'swimming' in a school around the room.  Furniture made from reclaimed local wood can seat smaller groups or be arranged to host a massive banquet.