Citrix. Santa Clara, CA

Citrix Systems in San Jose deal entirely with a non tangible, cloud-based product. Stripe was given the task of both captivating and rewarding their hard working design team with an exclusive environment.  The secret room, later to be officially named 'The Server Room' was designed to be entirely invisible to the everyday onlooker from the outside and house a virtual escape within its depths - somewhere other than a San Jose corporate office environment to get the creative juices flowing.

With an intentional irony, the vestibule to the secret room is dressed realistically as a 'server room' from the 1970's including authentic tape reels and flashing rows of LED lights.  Once access to this room is gained the occupant finds a wall mounted keyboard and screen, on which a secret passcode can be typed to activate an automatically opening door into the inner sanctum.   The secret room has full height wall-to-wall walnut shelving which covers the glazing - the room is devoid of any reference to the outside world, including windows with the exception of a tiny bakelite TV displaying activity within the close proximity of the entrance.  The opposite wall is flanked with custom banquet seating which is lined with Bedouin style pillows.  The room is lit with dimmed Moroccan ceiling and wall lights and decorated with a myriad of curio, unrelated bar for the relationship within a tight palette of color.  A small speaker playing the sounds of cicadas is secreted beneath the seating to complete the suspension of reality.