Concrete Rose Salon. Santa Cruz, CA

Concrete Rose Salon is a boutique hair salon in Santa Cruz CA.  The owner / head stylist is the embodiment of her own style and Stripe was tasked with interpreting this very specific style into a salon interior.   As the name suggests, the presentation is both pretty yet realistic and utilitarian: beautiful - no frills.  The monochrome interior is punctuated bright pink accents:  the hot pink neon sign, a coral lemonade jug and glasses, a spattering of delightful fresh floral arrangements by Lina Floral and the purveyor's own hair.  Designed on a new business start-up budget it was fundamental that a thrifty approach was employed.  1930's shell back velvet chairs were located on Craigslist and many of the accessories including a wall installation of vintage scissors, were Ebay and flea market finds.  Concrete Rose won second place for Best Salon in Santa Cruz in 2016 against fierce competition from many bigger, more established salons.

Design Process: 

As we pulled together a visual deck, Concrete Rose's ultimately sleek design started with a pattern infused layout with dark accents and circular shelving, that evolved into the salon we see today.