Misahara Jewelry. Porto Montenegro 

Misahara is a high end jewelry Brand garnering recognition within high brow society worldwide.  Stripe was responsible the roll out concept for the boutique stores, located in Porto Montenegro, The Plaza Hotel New York and in London, UK.  The flagship store in Montenegro pictured below is nestled in the private yacht-filled harbor.  The jewelry takes its influence from the azure hues of the Mediterranean and is therefore demanding of a more muted backdrop which does not compete with  the product.   This being the case, the edited palette was compiled from high end finishes such as brass, granite and lacquer.

The store is anchored by a single, large scale blow up of a Russian super model wearing the jewelry.  The cash wrap design is informed by the genus of the jewels: hewn from a rough stone into a polished gem.  There is strong emphasis on the perfect balance of sensory comfort: lighting, temperature, sound and scent were all considered with equal importance and are carefully monitored and controlled.