Pearl Automation, Headquarters. Scotts Valley, CA

This exciting office remodel first came our way in 2015, finishing up in the summer of 2016. An expanding start-up with an impressive product, Pearl wanted their new offices to reflect their visionary outlook on the automotive industry. Using their branding colors as a starting point, we infused the once dreary space with bright white, charcoal gray, and pops of red. Every meeting room was appointed based on its function, creating appealing space for both client meetings and co-working. The kitchen, with its atrium-like ceiling, was designed to become a hub, with large format hexagon tile playing off the expansive height in the room. The open office space and interspersed built-in bench seating caters to the many ways people like to work. Playful touches throughout such as a hidden door masquerading as a bookcase, reflect the creativity and energy of the company. 

Photo Credit: Eric Ressler

Design Process

The Pearl project began with ideation about what the modern workspace should be. The office space they were taking over was luckily the perfect place for layers of different working styles: open plan office space, bench seating tucked away on the perimeter, meeting rooms, and large conference space. From there we created the initial concept: clean and modern with natural wood for texture and a shot of vermillion - the primary branding color.

Below is a fly though of our 3D model of the space :