Pizza My Heart Westfield Valley Fair Mall, San Jose, CA

Pizza My Heart is a beloved Santa Cruz restaurant that has expanded with great success throughout the Bay Area.  When they approached Stripe in 2016 to design their new location at Westfield Valley Fair Shopping Mall, we were excited to work with a such a Santa Cruz institution. The mall had undergone a massive remodel in 2015, updating the food court into a thriving marketplace with a great mixture of different food purveyors using a palette of natural materials to dull the inevitable visual clutter from such a collection of brands.  The challenge was an exciting one: to design a more refined, muted presentation of the existing Pizza My Heart brand within the parameters of the vigorous Mall design framework. Infusing the space with blonde wood, sculptural surfboard forms and large scale vintage surf photography from their archive, we created a space that stays true to the brand while fitting in seamlessly with its surroundings. 

Design Process:

Our Pinterest board for Pizza My Heart guided our modern take on the eatery. The design went through several iterations, ultimately ending up closest to this 3D model: