Rainbow Light, Headquarters,  Santa Cruz, CA

The lobby for Rainbow Light, a nutritional supplement company based in Santa Cruz, reflects the modern, natural energy of their brand. A beautiful custom light piece by local maker Roy's Lighting mimics their distinctive logo greets those waiting in the lobby, subtly casting mesmerizing rainbow tones on the plaster wall. The modular tailor-made upholstered seating is both playful and practical. The vivid blue and green enliven the lobby while walnut end pieces delineate the space and create a space for brochures and marketing material. By making the seating modular, the client is able to transform the space as needed for events and work shops. As an introduction to the rest of the environment, this lobby provides a glimpse into the ethos of the company: confident, energetic and dynamic.  

Photo Credit: Eric Ressler

Design Process: We showed Rainbow Light several color infused options, including these renderings which were used to create the final design. Taking inspiration from modular furnishing and sleek, modern lighting the design perfectly fits the modern architecture and the company's brand.