Private Residence. Scotts Valley, CA

Stripe was approached in 2014 by a couple who were moving from a large home they had inhabited for many years to a mobile home they wanted to downsize into.  This was a project that called for extreme attention to detail. When the unit was purchased, it had prefabricated wall panels, exposed electrical conduits, stained carpet, worn linoleum flooring, outdated kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures. Picture extreme makeover.

From the inside out, every color, material and surface was replaced.  An economical rustic wood effect vinyl floor warms the home, whilst being scratch proof from shoes, furniture and pets.  The kitchen cabinets are a contemporary warm grey on the bottom and white on top to create an illusion of space.  A pale gray Corian counter and white subway backsplash add a sense of quality.  The walls are painted in a palette of muted blues, greens and grays whilst reds and pinks are reintroduced back in with soft furnishings and accessories.  

Photo Credit: Tommy Parker

Design Process: 

To transform this manufactured home from drab to warm and lively, we started with inspiration that included a lot of natural textures, warm wood and bright textile accents. A finishes mood board next to our rendering of the space gives a clear road map for our clients of how the space will look.