Specialized Bicycles Concept Store, Corporate Head Office: Morgan Hill, CA

Stripe was contracted to design the retail store concept worldwide for Specialized Bicycles in 2010.  The design called for an entire reassessment of the way Specialized customers interact with the product at point of purchase.  

The product was reduced massively in quantity on the sales floor, safeguarding its perceived value. Bikes are grouped in use categories (road, mountain, commuter, etc.) and supporting products are also regrouped into areas of activity (mountain bike gloves with mountain bikes, not in a generic 'helmet' area, for example).  Accessories are exposed available to handle in proximity to their quantity offering in blister packs for purchase.  Clothing displays boast backdrops of enormous panoramas of landscapes in which riders can be identified moving through.  The retail apparatus material language has changed from the ubiquitous 1990's maple and steel to a more contemporary palette of walnut and black, allowing the bright colors of the bike frames to prevail. A custom gondola hosts a hero bike in each product area to promote add on sales.  Carefully curated explosions of each bike type are displayed over each area to illustrate the intricacy of components and dedication to engineering.  The previous white wash of overhead light is replaced by a spotlight system which creates pools of light on the product, lending a feel of importance where needed.

The overall impression is one of corporate excellence and brand confidence.


Design Process: 

Specialized is a well established brand and we had a lot of inspiration to work with. We created a mood and feel that brought new energy, and a new organizational system for their merchandise.