E-design Services

We are excited to offer an E-design service to clients who would like a way to work with our team without committing to a full design service. This is not only an affordable alternative but it is a great option for those clients who live outside of Santa Cruz County.

Our fee varies based on your square footage and needs but most projects start around $2K.

To get started, we will have you fill out a questionnaire and provide us with photos and measurements of the space(s) you would like us to design. Next, we will send you a proposal. After it is approved we will produce a mood board, a space plan (including a rendering) and a shopping list. 

Let's walk you through the process.

You will send us before photos like these (this project was for 2 spaces- dining and living room):

In addition to a floor plan with dimensions: 

Make sure to send us inspiration photos or add us to any Pinterest boards you have started for your space:

We will then have a detailed conversation with you about your hopes and dreams for your space. We will find out things like how the color orange makes you sweat and how you've had a love affair with woven textiles from a specific country. Now is the time to tell us we have to accommodate your grandmother's 16th century Welsh dresser. We really get to know you. 

Next we will send you a bid. Once that is signed off, the fun begins and you will receive mood boards like these:

We will include a shopping list and a paint schedule:

And will supply drawings for any custom furniture we have designed:

We give you absolutely everything you need to move forward. It is that simple. We will be here along the way if you have any questions or need guidance. 

Ready to get started? Send us an email to info@stripedesigngroup.com with the subject line: "E-design service inquiry." 

We are looking forward to working with you.