Before and After: Santa Cruz Residence

Kitchen/ Dining Room

Before: For our client’s kitchen, the goal was to refresh the space using the existing layout. Although the cabinets were in good shape, the generic finishes throughout this area were in need of an update. 

The dining area off the kitchen was rarely used for dining and the fan above the table was inconveniently located. 

After: The kitchen cabinets are now a muted blue tone with modern stainless steel pulls. Quartz countertops have replaced the dated granite and an elongated subway tile now reaches the full backsplash height. The ceiling no longer has the 80s popcorn texture and the floors are a smooth vinyl wood plank flooring that is not only more aesthetically pleasing than the laminate flooring but is also really functional for dog owners.  

A gorgeous mobile brass chandelier is now centered over the reclaimed dining table and bench. The Panton inspired chairs create a nice contrast to the rustic-farmhouse feel and are also incredibly comfortable. 

Fireplace/Sitting Area

Before: The fireplace was crying for an overhaul. The yellow paint and matching kitchen granite slab were less than pleasing to the eye. The sitting area, which was never used, felt unloved and impractical without a table nearby.  

After: The fireplace brick now rocks a bold charcoal paint color. The granite slab has been removed and a reclaimed mantle piece now floats above the fireplace. The mod log holder echoes the mid century style of the Panton chairs nearby.  Across the room, a sleek new leather sofa furnishes the room with a modern Danish-inspired coffee table. The textured rug and patterned pillows bring this corner to life. 

Living Room

Before: This room, although functional, left a lot to be desired. The media corner felt cluttered and the two large sofas overwhelmed the space.  

After: After the new flooring was laid and the walls were painted, we furnished the rest of the space with updated furniture and accessories. A large sectional is now anchored by 2 lovely tropical prints framed in reclaimed wood. The new tv and cable free sound system is now centered on the opposite wall above a low profile console. Neutral linen drapes soften the window wall while the woven chair and kilim rug add a layer of texture and color. 

Check out the video walkthrough we created for our client below. We find that these walkthroughs are critical for our clients to visualize their space before making any decisions. 

To view more photos of this space after the remodel, go to our Portfolio page and click on Santa Cruz Residence