Pacific Collegiate School, Santa Cruz, CA

In 2016 Pacific Collegiate School, known locally as PCS, moved into their very own, custom designed facility on the West Side of Santa Cruz. 

The language of the architecture is very contemporary the colors were derived from Diebenkorn painting depicting an ocean view.  The lime and teal with just a splash of orange also inform the classrooms and corridors.  The only place in the school where students are absolutely NOT allowed is the staff lounge...

This is where we decided to have a little fun.  

Our Inspiration was made up from 1 part Ralph Lauren hunting lodge and 2 parts Dumbledore's study.  We wanted to create a sanctuary like retreat for the faculty - somewhere utterly distinct from the rest of the school.

Stripe organized a photo shoot of the staff where they were asked to dress in attire or bring a prop that described their personalities.  We had faculty arrive in full costume, with dogs, in disguise - the chemistry master lit a series of small explosions!  We sepia scaled the images and hung them floating in mix-matched vintage gilt frames above a black mantle piece.  A real fire flickers, pops and crackles on a flat screen TV in the hearth.

The adjacent long wall is papered in a library wallpaper on which floating shelves were hung which we then populated with real books and artifacts.  

We hope that the room offers a well earned respite from the constant demands of teaching academia.